Understanding the Nature of Horse Racing Shows

Image Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/tilt-shift-focus-photography-of-man-riding-horse-1559386/

Horse racing has never gone old as it continues to capture the heart of every sports aficionado around the world. Many sports enthusiasts continue to celebrate horse racing games as it offers a wide number of betting categories. The gambling games it carries are far better compared to common sports such as basketball or football.

Many sports fans are looking forward to different horse racing events because the betting prizes are big. Aside from that, there are other events that every horse racing fan can enjoy taking part in, especially when it comes to big races.

While there are many horse racing events happening all year-round, it is also true that not all of us get familiar with different types of horse racing events. We all know that horses compete by running and finishing first in a specific field. However, we don’t know what type of race it looks like. At the same time, we might also not get familiar with the whole rules and the kind of track they most likely compete.

Besides, horse race betting games are composed of several betting terms you need to get familiar first. You will enjoy the game better if you understand the whole nature, the rules and regulations, and terminologies.

Therefore, before you go ahead and witness every horse racing game so you can take part in betting, let us understand first the nature of horse racing. In this article, we’d like to lay out the different types of horse racing tournaments so you’ll know their differences.

The Thoroughbred Racing

Thoroughbred racing is the largest and the most diverse type of horse racing tournament happening on earth. It existed many years ago, which made the whole story of horse racing games popular to all esteemed sports fans. It may come in either big or small events which offer a significant amount of prizes.

Moreover, thoroughbred racing is usually completed via Graded Stakes. Each of the competing categories is joined by horse racers, depending on their qualifications. The most in-demand racing requires three-year-old racers, which are colts. There are also racing events happening separately for fillies and mares.

Also, thoroughbred races do not only cover racing events. There is a specific distinction for each game happening. Though the betting categories remain the same, the prizes differ depending on the type of racing that takes place. Here’s some thoroughbred racing distinction you must know.

The Track Surface

Most people think that all horse racing events took place and competed in a dirt track. While most of this happens on the said surface, other horse racing events settle in various tracks. Some horses compete in a synthetic track and grass. Turf tracks also exist as another type of racing surface.

The Distance

The running distance also differs regarding the type of racing. Sprint races have shorter distances. Those racing events that require the most extensive competition are generally larger and usually done in two turns.

The Classification

The racing classification refers to the category where the horse racer is qualified to join. For example, some races feature colts under three-years-old and up. Also, there are racing games for female horses, which come as fillies, including mares and geldings.

The Harness Racing

Harness racing is a distinctive type of horse racing event. It may not come as popular as thoroughbred racing, but the horse racing community is still practicing this type of racing game. Besides, only standardbred horses are allowed to take part in this event. Jockeys do not ride the competing horses; instead, they are called drivers who will ride a sulky, which looks like a bike cart attached to the back of the horse racer.

Also, the only similarity of this racing game to the thoroughbred races are the rules and the winners. The running and track surface can also count the same, but sometimes they differ depending on the number of qualified participants.

Steeplechases Racing

Steeplechases are not as famous as harness and thoroughbred racing. The United Kingdom is the only country where you can mostly see this horse racing event.

Steeplechases racing is easy because a horse racer only needs to jump on obstacles laid out on a specific track and distance. The racer who can ultimately do the obstacle without and error and finishes first will take home the pot prize.


Horse racing is a fun way of entertaining yourself out from a stressful day. The betting games it provides can surely help you win money if you’re lucky. Thus, before you go ahead and bet for your chosen horse racers, make sure you know each horse racing type so you can gamble without any hitch.