The Evolution of iGaming Industry and Online Casinos

A few decades ago, it was virtually impossible to imagine that casinos will extend to the online realm. However, as with anything else regarding the online world, online gambling and online games, in general, have experienced such a massive spike in both popularity and versatility. One of the reasons behind their popularity is the level of comfort they offer to their users.

But how did this wealth of online games came to be? Where is it heading? And, most importantly, are we welcome to tag along?

The ever first online casinos

Back in the day, gambling was something heavily frowned upon, and in many countries, it was actually prohibited by law. However, as one of the two oldest favorite pastime activities, gambling still managed to prevail. It wasn’t until 1994 that online gambling was allowed through the free trade and processing act by the government of Antigua and Barbuda. This is how the first ever online casinos came to be. Micro Gaming was the first company to develop the first-ever specialty software that facilitated online casinos.

What was next in line?

Of course, where there’s gambling, there’s bound to be sports betting and poker. Sportsbooks became popular in the mid-1990s and continued to expand. For example, Canada saw the true potential of this industry and introduced the Kahnawake Gaming Commission to control and monitor it. Online poker also became a huge hit. The fact of the matter is that poker was always one of the most popular card-based games, but it wasn’t until ESPN and PartyPoker started advertising Texas Holdem that the world went completely insane for this game.

What’s the current situation?

Now, it’s important to mention that things have significantly changed during the last decade which, to be honest, was completely expected. Thanks to all the technological advancements we were lucky to experience over the years, it’s no wonder that online casinos flourished as well. Games and websites themselves went through a complete redesign phase, where they are now focusing more on the ease of use, as well as increased chances of winning.

A fresh gaming design

The technological advancements brought forth a multitude of fresh game designs and ideas people can now indulge in. A lot of casinos will nowadays allow new players to join and play for free for a certain period of time, which definitely wasn’t the case just a few years back. AI and VR technologies are also being implemented in the game design which makes them even more appealing to a wider audience.

A new approach

As already mentioned, if we consider that gambling was prohibited by law at some point in history, it’s amazing to see how far it has come. Nowadays, there are even special events held to determine the best online casino as well as some of the best offers in various casinos, such as the recently-held AskGamblers Awards. The society came to realize just how important it is to have fun and indulge in fun activates and it’s finally doing something to help out those who are in search of such things.

Online casinos went mobile as well

To literally no one’s surprise, online casinos and games even got their mobile apps. With mobile devices rising in popularity as fast as they are, people expressed the desire to be able to enjoy their favorite games on their mobile devices as well. And those desires were, of course, met. Nowadays, you can find apps available for Android, Apple and Blackberry devices that allow you to indulge in your favorite games anywhere and anytime – even on the go.

Looking beyond pure fun

Of course, there are people who saw this rise in the online casino popularity as a great way not only to have some fun but also earn some cash on the side. There are numerous ways you can make passive income off of online casinos if you just know where to look. For example, aside from playing the games and earning money that way, you can also choose to advertise various casinos and their features, take part in an affiliate program or even by referring people to some of the casino websites.


As you can see, the road online casinos went through was definitely a bumpy one, but it enabled them the popularity they have today. For some people, they are nothing more than just some innocent fun while for others they pose an excellent opportunity to boost their personal budget.

by Marco Lopo

Marco Lopo is a Sydney-based business consultant and a marketing analyst. He writes about business and lifestyle. He thinks that’s the perfect opportunity to present himself to a wider audience and receive recognition. In his free time, Marco enjoys music, travelling and also is a big reading enthusiast.