Lesser-known casino games

Blackjack, Roulette and Poker are casino games popular across the globe. But if you’re
looking for something different to spice up your play, we’ve compiled a list of lesser-known
casino games that could certainly be worth a shot.

Sic Bo

Are you a fan of fast-paced games like Roulette? If so, Sic Bo could be right up your street.
Whilst it’s still new to the Western casino scene, it’s been enjoyed throughout China for
centuries. You may have even played – or at least heard of – the English variant, Chuck-a-

Don’t be put off by the confusing appearance of the Sic Bo table. This is one of the easiest
games for players of all levels to master. Essentially, the dealer throws three dice in a cage
and plucky gamblers guess the outcome by placing bets on the table.

There are different types of bets you can place. Stake your money on the ‘total’ (this can be any number from 4-17; you cannot bet on a total of 3 or 18, as the ‘triple 1’ and ‘triple 3’ are separate bets) or choose a specific ‘single’ number to appear on a die. Alternatively, you can choose to call ‘small’ (when you predict the outcome to fall between 4-10) or ‘big’ (when you think it will come between 10-17).

Trust us. As soon as you give it a go, you’ll be quickly draw in by Sic Bo’s quick, easy and
rewarding style of play.

Pai Gow Poker

Another game with oriental origins, Pai Gow Poker combines elements of poker with the
ancient Chinese domino game, Pai Gow. Obviously, keen poker enthusiasts are going to
have no problem picking up the basics.

It’s played using a standard 52-card deck, a Joker and up to 7 players. The players and the
dealer are each dealt 7 cards. Whilst the players’ cards remain face-up, the dealer’s cards
are left face-down. The object is to divide your 7 cards into a ‘lower’ 2-card and a ‘higher’ 5-card poker hand. Once everyone is ready, all the cards are exposed.

If both your lower and higher hands beat the dealer, the dealer pays out; if one of your
hands beats the dealer, but the other doesn’t, no money passes across the table (this is
known as a ‘push’); if the dealer wins both hands, you lose your stake.

One of the major draws of this game is the exceptionally low house edge. At a tempting
1.5%, it’s one of the best casino games for players, providing less profit for the casino than
most other tables.


Bingo has always proved popular with us Brits. No doubt all of us have given this number-
dabbing game a go at some point. However, despite sharing many similarities, and boasting a huge following in the States, Keno remains less well-known amongst UK casino players.
How do you play? You get a card with 80 numbers and you mark between 1-20 of those
numbers (depending on the rules of where you are playing) which you predict to be drawn in the game. It’s that easy.

In Nevada, you’ll find a casino lounge in pretty much every casino you step inside, not to
mention in plenty of diners. It’s much harder to find a real Keno lounge around here. But if
you do want to play, you’ll be pleased to hear that the online Keno scene is growing
remarkably right now.

Red Dog Poker

Do you like the buzz that comes from taking a risk, but hate the level of strategic thinking
required for games like Blackjack? Red Dog could be the ideal game for you. It’s one of the
simplest, yet less-widely played, casino poker games and uses between 1 and 8 standard
52-card decks.

You place a bet in the pot and the dealer deals you in 2 cards. The idea is to create a
‘spread’ between these 2 cards that the third card you’re dealt will fall between. For example, if you’re dealt a 6 and a Jack, you’ll want your third card to fall within this 4-card spread and be either a 7, 8, 9 or 10. Your pay-out will depend on the size of the spread.

However, if you get 2 matching original cards, they’ll be no spread. Therefore, you’ll be
instantly dealt a third and, if this is another match, you’ll be paid out 11:1; if it’s not, it’ll result in a push and no money will change hands. Also, if your 2 cards are consecutive (such as a 4 and a 5), this will again result in no spread and another push.

Red Dog plays out a nice, lively pace that risk-taking gamblers will love.

Ready to play?

There you have it: a few ideas for different casino games that are, most likely, something a
little different to what you usually play. Spotted one that takes your fancy? A quick search
online will provide you with plenty of suggestions for places to play.
All that’s left for us to say is have fun and good luck!