Fulham Make £170m in 90 Minutes

(Image Source: Sky News)

Fulham Football Club have made themselves an astounding £170 million in 90 minutes after coming out on top in the “Richest Game in Football”, the Championship Play-Off final against Aston Villa.

Whilst Wolves and Cardiff City were promoted from the Championship automatically through finishing in 1st and 2nd place respectively, the four teams below them contested a mini-knockout tournament which decided the third and final promoted team. The finalists of the mini-tournament this season were Fulham and Aston Villa.

After latching on to a forward pass, Fulham’s teenage prodigy, Ryan Sessegnon squared a pass to club captain Tom Cairney who kept his cool and slotted the ball past the on-rushing Aston Villa goalkeeper to score the only goal of the match. Fulham held on for the rest of the game to come out 1-0 winners and secured promotion to the Premier League.

Promotion to the Premier League is a massive achievement for any club, not just for what it brings in prestige and bartering power for new players, but for the sheer amount of money that is then flooded into the team.

Broken down, Fulham’s potential earnings in the Premier League, even if they are immediately relegated, are eye-watering. They stand to make a minimum of £95m of Premier League Revenue in their first year and even if they are relegated straight away they will make £75m in guaranteed future parachute payments.

This is nearly a 400% increase on what West Ham made upon being promoted in 2012 (£45m) and more than double what Queens Park Rangers made in 2014 (£80m).

Teams promoted via the Championship Final Play-Off’s next season earnings

Whilst having an additional £170million might sound like a hell of a lot, most of their players’ salaries will be increased, they’ll have to strengthen their squad to cope with the quality of the Premier League and even pay more money than they would ordinarily for new additions due to clubs knowing they have more money to use.

However, Fulham could be in with a chance of staying in the Premier League for the long term, so get your football bets ready. All three promoted teams stayed up this season and history and the statistics suggest that the chances of the three promoted clubs staying in the league for more than a season are strong.

“Deloitte calculates that of the 30 teams promoted over the last decade, 20 — 67 per cent — have survived their first season in the top tier. Last season all three promoted sides — Newcastle, Huddersfield and Brighton — stayed up for the first time in six years.”

Source: https://www2.deloitte.com/uk/en/pages/press-releases/articles/villa-and-fulham-fight-for-biggest-financial-prize-in-football.html