Free Spins Casino Bonuses: Are They Really “Free”?

Vegas Slots Online Free Spins Casinos

Free Spins bonuses are offered by casinos for playing online and mobile slots. This way, a slot player gets the chance to try-out an online casino or a particular slot game with minimal risk.

A free spin bonus basically means a player gets one spin of a reel without paying to spin. If an online casino affords a 15 free spins bonus, a player is given 15 times to spin the reel of a specified slot without paying a single cent. Any winnings as a result of that free spin is added to the player’s bankroll. In most cases the free spins bonus is played on the smallest coin size and on the maximum amount of paylines. Hence, if the smallest coin size is 5 cents and there are 5 paylines, the price per spin is 25 cents. For a 15-free spins bonus, a player gets a total of $3.75 free spins value.

There are plenty of Vegas slots online free spins casinos that offer “No Deposit Free Spins”, whereas some online casinos requires players to deposit a certain amount to avail of the free spins bonus. These bonuses are often packaged as part of the welcome bonus for new sign-ups. A player will periodically receive an email from the casino informing him that more free spins are added to his account.

Real money won during free spins is added to the player’s account. However, there are terms and conditions, and wagering requirements set by the online casino. In most cases, the money won through the free spins would have to be played a certain number of times before the player can claim and withdraw the amount.  If a player wins $10 and the wagering requirement is x5, he is required to roll $50 before he can withdraw whatever is left.

Then there are casinos that do allow players to instantly withdraw winnings through their free spins bonus. This may seem a losing practice for such casinos but one may consider this as a form of advertisement. The loss is short term as this practice will most likely entice players to stay loyal at the end.

Nevertheless, thanks to free spins bonus, players can enjoy the thrill of slot games for “free!”