Advantages to Online Slots over Offline Slots

Spinning the reels and hitting the jackpot, is there anything that better sums up the casino lifestyle than the pure thrill of the slot machine? But you don’t have to go down the casino and take up a chair in front of the cabinet any more, now you can play the game from the comfort of your own home thanks to the brilliant world of online casinos. But can it replace the pure visceral thrill of slotting a coin into the machine and pulling the lever? Well, there are a few distinct advantages to playing online at somewhere like Paddy Power Casino that give them an edge over the physical cabinet games.


Which sounds more appealing: getting in your car, driving for twenty minutes and queueing for a seat or sitting on the couch and tapping a few buttons on your phone? The pure convenience of gaming online has drawn in many a player as they can spin the slots whenever they feel like it, without needing to make a special trip. There is also the fact you don’t need to queue to get a seat at your favourite game. This is going to vary from casino to casino and game to game, but if a game is particularly popular you might well struggle to get a seat if you go during a busy time. If you’re playing online though? No worries! This leads to another advantage of playing online.

Progressive Slots

Otherwise known as Jackpot slots, these are particularly popular because the games are all linked and the jackpot works like a lottery. So, a percentage of all the money put into the machines is the amount you can win. And if you wait for a while, the total can get jaw-droppingly high.  The advantage to playing this online is that, firstly, you won’t need to fight for a seat, and secondly you can keep abreast of more games and see which one is currently offering the most in terms of pay-outs. Although, speaking of increased pay-outs…

Bonuses and Promotions

Because of the highly competitive nature of the market, online casinos tend to offer enticing welcome and sign-up bonuses to get you to spin the reels at their establishment. This, along with loyalty schemes, help to encourage you to play with one casino in particular and the rewards soon find their way into your pockets. While land-based casinos absolutely offer loyalty bonuses and reward their customers who come back, the range of options for the online casinos means that where ever you’re located, you can find an offer that’s right for you.

Managing Coins

This one could be seen as a double edged sword, but managing the coins can be significantly easier with the online games. Rather than a paper cup full to bursting with tokens, you can set the bet with just a few button presses and when you win big it goes straight into an account, no messing around with tokens. The flip-side is that you need to be a bit more disciplined with how you manage your funds to avoid over-spending!